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Pai You Guo

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Especially suitable for people who have "general big abdomen" and "elephant leg", Pai You Guo is good to control the appetite and low the fat absorption to help lose weight

Main Ingredients Konjaku Flour, Oligosaccharide, Malt, Chitin, Dietary Fiber, Tuckahoe, Apple Attraction, Vitamin C (orange & papaya), Vitamin E, Vitamin B2

Detoxification: Pai You Guo is able to discharge the body waste, providing a clean environment for your stomach and body.
Change the obesity constitution: Pai You Guo is able to regulate the body metabolic system, changing the fat accumulation body, thus the body will not gain weight again even if you recover your diet.
Enhance the vitality: Pai You Guo will not hurt your physical or mental condition, healthily and safely, you may become more dynamic,

Specification: 400mg×30 grains
Usage&Dosage: 1 time/day, 1capsule/time, take in the morning with boiled water
Applications: Simplicity fatness, Youthhood fatness, Post partum fatness, especially suitable for people who have "general big abdomen" and "elephant leg"
Precaution: Not suitable for children, pregnant women as well as people who has heart disease, myocardial impaction malfunction or liver of kidney etc.

by alma addington
Great product and I love to recommended it, I have successfully reduce 6kg in a month and didn’t have any side effect, I have stopped taking for about half a month and don’t have weight regain, I appreciate its high quality.

by ANA Shihoon
I am so happy about what it has done for me, I was very annoyed with my fat body and I tried ways to reduce some weight, a friend mentioned this diet product so I gave it a try after insisting a period diet and exercise, the result is grateful, i still do exercises and I have totally lost 8.4kg in a month!

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